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Welcome. Here you can find online yoga and meditation for heart-healing after loss. Loss is varied and no two set of circumstances are the same. If you are missing and longing for a child that is not in your arms, or grieving a child for any reason, come and be nurtured.

About Yoga and Meditation


By taking a yoga and meditation class with others who have experienced conception challenge, pregnancy, infant or child loss, you can find a community that can sit with you in grief and in love. There is no need to hide your tears. Meditation can also help you feel connected to your precious child as you connect more deeply to Spirit.

These classes are live online with recordings shared after.

The journey of loss does not have an ending. It has ups and downs, ebbs and flows, layers and layers revealing the depth of love between parent and child that is always present.

Yoga and meditation are ways that you can offer space for yourself as you navigate grief and loss at any stage of your journey.

About the Instructor

My name is Lisa. I’m a mom to two daughters, Asha and Klara. One is on Earth, the other is in spirit. My daughter in spirit, Klara, is the inspiration for this offering. She has been a profound teacher of unconditional love. Klara’s stillbirth and a near-death-experience at that time changed my life profoundly. I have found the support of other loss moms has carried me in such an important way on my grief journey. 

I am certified to teach Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Yoga for Youth. I am trained in Compassionate Inquiry by Dr. Gabor Maté, Feng Shui and studied and taught A Course in Miracles.  I ran a yoga centre with my husband for nearly eight years. It has been my blessing to sit with, and practice with, many people in sacred space and to continue my own learning. 

A daily practice of connecting to spirit is the cornerstone of my teaching. While I have learned and cultivated skills that I can share, there is no one-size fits all approach. Spiritual Direction work has taught me that we heal in our own ways, and that our own spirit is guiding us at every step.  We simply need to make time and space to listen. My goal is to offer space that facilitates deep listening to your own wisdom. 

The love of a mother is fierce. We love beyond space and time. 

“Even as I rocked on my knees howling I detected soft breathing behind the roaring. I leaned in, listened. It was the murmuring of ten million mothers, backward and forward in time and right now who had lost children. They were lifting me up. Holding me. They had woven a net of their broken hearts and they were keeping me safe. I realised that one day I would take my rightful place as a link in this web and I would hold my sister-mothers when their children died. Then, my only task was to grieve and be cradled in their love.”
— Mirabai Starr
Shared by Lori Larson, Evalastingpeace


Can I try a class?

If you’re curious about the class, please email me at and we can set up a time to chat so you can see if it will be the right fit.

Trial classes are no longer offered. The reason is that these are small and intimate spaces and it is important to commit to being part of the circle. In the past, trial classes have been offered, but I have found that it’s difficult for members to be asked to share their stories multiple times when people come in and out. If you’d like to try the class, I encourage you to join and commit to the session.

What is a class like?

This class will use many yoga techniques, primarily Kundalini and Mindful aspects. This is not a Hatha class, meaning that the physical practice is not the priority. This class is a meditative experience with gentle movement, mantra and breathwork. We often focus on connecting with, and soothing, the heart space. All levels are welcome. At times we discuss yogic philosophy or share words of the mystics. We include time for connecting with one another.

Do I need to share?

While sharing your story is not required, it is encouraged. You will be asked to share your name and invited to share about your child/children if you wish. There is no obligation to share anything you do not want to. 

What do I need to prepare?

– Dress in comfortable clothes, have water or herbal tea with you, and set yourself up in a cozy place where you won’t be disturbed. I recommend having kleenex with you too.
– All emotions are welcome. If tears come, let them flow.
– This is a confidential space. We will hold each others stories with gentleness and love.
– Please listen to your body. Don’t push yourself to a point of pain. Please use your voice as needed to advocate for your needs if I can support or guide you.
– While I lead the class, YOU are your own teacher. I can share practices intended to support you but ultimately, you are in charge of your experience and are your own expert. Always listen to your own wisdom. 
– You may wish to bring a journal to record your insights after meditation.
– Please turn your camera on. We are cultivating community and creating sacred healing space together. It is healing to be witnessed but you are not required to share.
– You will receive a waiver to complete prior to starting the class.


What if I can't attend, can I be refunded?

If you cannot attend one or more classes, you can still participate via the recording. There will not be refunds provided. I ask that you kindly consider your payment to include all six sessions since the video links will be made available to use when you wish.

Will this stir up my grief?

Grief is a journey. At times it is heavier than others. If you feel this is not the right time to take this class, trust yourself. I have found that being with other loss parents actually helps me feel much lighter. Yoga is a healing practice that can bring up feelings of sadness or feelings of connection and happiness. It simply shows us what we are holding on a particular day. Most commonly, students share that they feel relief and connection after practicing.  

It is worth noting that the first class in a session is most often the most emotionally intense as it is when we share our stories with one another. This is also an important part of the group experience that allows us to know one another and support each other through the session and as time goes on.


Do I need any experience?

No. This is designed to be an accessible class and any level of student can be accommodated. What is required in an open mind and willingness to learn and try something new.

Will there be others with a similar experience?

I can’t say whether someone in the class will have had a similar loss story, but I assure you that you will be welcomed as you are. While the details of loss vary, the heart-ache is common to all.

Will there be pregnant people or babies on screen in the class?

Please get in touch with me if being around pregnancy or babies is a trigger for you at this time. I will let you know how things look in the current class.


Join the Class


This online class runs weekly (for 6 classes in total). Classes are scheduled from 9:30 am – 11:00 am MST with the class being approximately 60-75 minutes and discussion following. Recordings are shared after each class. Please plan to attend all classes or reach out to me about purchasing a recorded version of the class. It is important for the group space to do your best to attend the class.

The next session dates are:

Fall: Session starts on October 23rd and runs until Nov 27th (no class Nov 13th).

You will receive a zoom link to attend. If you miss some of the session or have questions, please email


Registration is offered by session and includes 6 classes with discussion preceding or following.

Please register and pay via the link below. There will be a place to enter your name and email via the registration link.

This series is pay what you can. A typical series of 6 classes costs $88-120 + and includes access to emailed recordings and resources. A suggestion of payment options are on the link. Your offer is accepted with gratitude.

All experiences and people are welcome.